How Humanity Helps CareMinders Deliver Care at the Right Time and Right Place




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In 2013, Cindee Kelly recognized a growing need in her community for home care services to assist the aging population of baby boomers in Lake Mary, Florida. She secured a franchise from CareMinders Home Care, a home care agency that provides companionship, skilled care, and related home support services to individuals in their own homes or in other care facilities.

Today, Cindee’s business relies on a team consisting of more than 50 licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, as well as physical and occupational therapists.


Outdated system unable to keep up with CareMinders operations

The CareMinders staff initially used an offline scheduling system, which posed many challenges for the entire team. The administrators had to repeatedly reference the providers’ credentials to ensure they were assigning the right employee to the right patient. Moreover, the managers weren’t able to notify employees about new schedules or updates via email or SMS.

“I needed a better solution that matched clients with caregivers efficiently without making a big investment in equipment. It had to work with the Android or iOS platforms my caregivers already had in hand and give me the ability to communicate with my staff when they are at a client’s home,” said Kelly.

If a caregiver missed a shift, one of the schedule administrators would have to immediately return to the office to check the schedule and then contact other providers on call.


Responsive scheduling software supports care on the go

With Humanity, this business dramatically reduced the time spent on weekly employee scheduling—from eight hours to only three hours a week. All schedules are hosted on the cloud, so managers and employees can access them remotely from different locations, eliminating late-night trips to the office.

The weekly schedule is sent out in advance, so any last-minute changes or conflicts can be easily resolved before publishing the final schedule. Caregivers appreciate being included in the scheduling process and they’re ensured that clients’ care will not be impacted by unexpected shift changes. Also, scheduling administrators can now forecast staff hours for the approaching week, based on hourly schedule summaries and the fluctuating client demand.

Humanity also plays a vital role in keeping track of key employee information, like skills and certifications.

Administrators can set up notifications for certifications’ expiration dates and communicate with employees to procure new documents without disrupting care or office workflow.

CareMinders is now enabled to more effectively manage the workforce, expand the team, and even take on additional clients.


The results:


Decreased time spent on scheduling by 60%


Remote access enabled scheduling team to resolve conflicts immediately


Improved reporting abilities for accounting and regulatory agencies


Enabled business to grow by 200%