Smarter scheduling for the enterprise

Automated, error-free schedules based on required workplace skills, employee availability, forecasted needs, and seasonal trends.


Streamline business operations with Humanity smart scheduling

Schedule creators face a number of challenges in the workplace—they need to navigate around complex scheduling systems that often lack crucial schedule information, but also miss data on upcoming leave requests, skills, and certifications required for the job. Humanity solves all these issues.

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Keep all operations running smoothly

Humanity offers easy access to real-time data—employee availability, location, and role—so you can always schedule the right talent when and where needed.


Collaborate on shift creation efficiently

Reduce the time needed for schedule creation while giving employees the flexibility to set their availability and trade shifts easily.


Schedule employees with the right skills

Managing various aspects of business operations can be quite stressful. Ensure your company provides the best customer experience by assigning employees with the most relevant skills.


Leverage demand-based scheduling

Using the same employee schedules week after week doesn’t address the needs of your business, your customers or staff. Humanity enables your managers to generate shift schedules based on upcoming demand and dramatically reduce the risk of under- or overstaffing.


Ensure efficiency and effectiveness


Increase throughput and remove bottlenecks

Optimize schedules around employee availability, skills, and worker satisfaction, and create conflict-free shifts that work both for the enterprise and workforce.


Manage workforce across locations and departments

Create separate schedules and sync different locations to ensure the right workforce is covering the right location, at the right time. Always see who is on the clock in real-time.


Forecast staffing needs for all business operations

With Humanity, you can always be one step ahead: forecast company scheduling needs based on upcoming demand, and let employees know about shifts well ahead of time.


Curb employee fatigue and manage overtime

Humanity’s smart scheduling distributes shifts evenly so that employees are never stressed out. Our platform keeps shift rotations fair while allowing you to set rules for each shift.


Ensure all departments are up-to-speed

Communicate key information and schedule updates in real time, via any mobile device to ensure shift coverage across the enterprise.


Easily track employee time and attendance

Monitor worker time and attendance at all locations, automatically get accurate data on actual time, and export timesheets ready for shipping to payroll partners.

Humanity integrates with your current HCM platform.