Powerful workforce scheduling that ties business operations together

Humanity helps meet staffing needs to always support the organization


Streamline business operations with Humanity smart scheduling.

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Eliminate staffing shortfalls

Populate shifts with available employees in real-time. Factor in upcoming vacation requests, shift changes and trades, and staff emergencies, and keep overstaffing and understaffing at bay.


Keep the team connected

Disseminate crucial information, share schedule updates and advisories, and oversee team availability through streamlined communication functionalities to ensure there are no missed shifts.


Deliver the first-rate service, always

Utilize skill-based staffing to ensure that the right talent is available when customers need it. Humanity secures breath and depth of right skills coverage at all times based on sales, business needs, and market forecasts.


Strategic approach to shift scheduling

Building staff schedules with Humanity is not only easy and error-free—it’s also strategic. The platform allows managers to use sales forecasts, seasonal changes and other key business metrics to ensure full coverage in line with changing business demands.


Next-generation scheduling


Automated rule-based scheduling

Generate automated conflict-free schedules while factoring in crucial availability factors. Set rules to ensure full-time coverage, avoid understaffing, and curb workplace fatigue.


Shift changes and trades via mobile devices

Engage talent by allowing flexible work schedules that fit employees’ available hours. Respond to schedule alterations in real-time through shift trades without scheduler supervision.


Manage the mobile workforce across locations

Set up and manage multiple locations and departments. Manageable through a single or group accounts, with customizable access and permissions. Keep entire business synced.


Forecast scheduling needs

Integrate seasonality and business opportunity with the cloud-based scheduler to forecast scheduling needs and ensure business availability at key times.


Keep everyone in the loop

Available on any mobile device, Humanity allows the sharing of essential business information with the team to communicate schedule changes ahead of shift time.


Robust integrations with leading HCM

Integrate the power of Humanity’s robust scheduling features with leading HCM solutions for seamless, all-encompassing workforce management. No double data entry. Seamless alignment.

Humanity integrates with your current HCM platform.