Enhance the employee experience with intuitive scheduling

The leading scheduling platform. Built for teams that value flexibility, transparency, and efficiency.


Keep your most valuable assets engaged

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Empower the team with
flexible scheduling

With Humanity, employees actively participate in building their schedules. They can set their availability and preferred shifts, as well as arrange shift trades without manager involvement.


Navigate labor regulations
and reduce costs

Solve administrative and labor law challenges with custom scheduling rules, automatic warnings about conflicts, overlapping shifts, overtime, and accurate, real-time reporting.


Keep top talent engaged

Humanity was built to address the scheduling needs of the mobile-first generation of employees—workers who value a culture of ownership and transparency.


Foster strong compliance culture

Humanity makes labor law compliance straightforward for the entire team. With custom scheduling rules and automatic conflict calculations, scheduling administrators can generate error-free shift schedules aligned with the latest changes in labor regulations.

The must-have solution in your HR toolkit


Upgrade everyday operations

Unlike manual scheduling tools and spreadsheets, Humanity ties into backend HR systems and can be fully customized to address your organization’s scheduling needs.


Sync data across multiple systems

Humanity platform is fully integrated with leading HCM platforms, eliminating the dreaded task of dual data entry in multiple systems. Effortless monitoring. Always up-to-date information.


Manage staff wherever they are

Humanity is available on desktop and mobile devices, allowing supervisors to keep track of employee attendance, whether they’re full-time employees, temporary staff, or remote workers.


Combat absenteeism and overtime

Humanity’s clear layout gives a precise overview of each employee’s timesheet, so managers are forewarned about presenteeism, frequent absences, overtime, and scheduling conflicts.


Make reporting faster and easier

Generate and export detailed reports based on real-time data. Humanity offers predefined staff data reports that are ready in a few clicks, and also offers customization for all your administrative needs.


Provide greater staff autonomy

Not only can all staff effortlessly access the latest scheduling information, but they can also submit leave and shift change requests remotely, and trade shifts without manager intervention.


Humanity integrates with your current HCM platform.