Drive productivity. Manage labor costs. Retain top talent.

The acclaimed scheduling platform that powers and prioritizes business strategy and your employees’ needs.


What manual scheduling cannot do

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Take staff scheduling
to the next level

Humanity enables managers to easily adjust schedules to the changing needs of the customers and the business, while also factoring in employees’ availability, roles, skills, and preferences.


Monitor and optimize
labor costs

Leveraging the robust Humanity platform cuts labor costs, as it warns about scheduling conflicts, risks regarding over- and understaffing, and even potential labor law violations.


Retain top-performing

Humanity optimizes the day-to-day communication between supervisors, managers, and employees, by providing them with transparency, flexibility and easy access to vital information.


Power-up your HCM platform

Eliminate double data entry and maximize the productivity of your team. Humanity partnered up with world-class Human Capital Management systems so all employee data—from job position to scheduling information—are integrated into a single system of record.


Cloud-based and integrated for flawless scheduling


Leverage powerful scheduling engine to make better business decisions

Move forward from time-consuming, manual scheduling processes. Break down staffing data to predict staffing needs and gain a greater understanding of your workplace and employees.


Boost productivity by creating dynamic schedules up to 80% faster

With automated shift templates and the ability to set custom rules, scheduling administrators can significantly speed up their work, while eliminating errors and scheduling conflicts.


Empower hybrid teams and foster connection

From managers to full-time employees to part-time workers in multiple locations, each staff member has relevant schedules at their fingertips, so the entire team is synced at all times.


Keep track of past trends, seasonality, and ad hoc events

Even in the most dynamic markets, Humanity supports the executive team with identifying patterns and trends in the workplace, examining data and forecasting business opportunities.


Remain compliant with local and federal labor laws

Humanity automatically monitors, calculates, and advises schedulers of conflicts regarding overtime, overlapping shifts, breaks, and other regulations related to relevant rules and laws in their industry and location.


Tie in and evaluate essential employee data

Integrate your current HCM solution and take full advantage of data alignment and analytics. We are proud to count Workday, Ceridian, ADP, and other leading companies among our partners.


Humanity integrates with your current HCM platform.