Easily Track and Compile Staff Payroll Data

Create error-free timesheets and effortlessly export accurate payroll reports every week.


Free for 30 days. One-on-one demo included.


Create Accurate Timesheets

Compile your staff time and attendance data to create accurate reports and timesheets that can be quickly exported to your company’s preferred payroll provider.

Create Payroll Reports in Seconds

Forget calling staff to confirm hours and tallying spreadsheets. Automatically create reports from Humanity’s integrated time and attendance data.


Accurate, Error-Free Timesheets

Humanity organizes the time and attendance collected through staff time clock actions and allows you to export accurate timesheets with one click.

Customize Pay Rates

Create custom pay rates to easily track overtime, vacation rates and just about any other pay rules that apply specifically to your business.


Auto-Approve Timesheets

Create your own rules by which timesheets can be approved automatically to make your payroll process fast and stress-free.


“A time saver for calculating payroll hours and to manage day off and vacation requests”

—André Foisy, Owner, Excellence Mobile - Koodo authorized dealer