Online Time Clock Software

Advanced web-based time and attendance tracking and reporting for businesses of any size or industry.


Free for 30 days. One-on-one demo included.


Time Clock

Coupled with our powerful scheduling application, Time Clock allows you to easily track employee hours and attendance and export perfect timesheets ready for payroll.

Online Time Clock Software Means No Expensive Hardware Needed

Fully integrated within the Humanity app, our simple, online employee time clock software eliminates the hassle and cost of stand-alone time clocking hardware.


Eliminate Buddy Clocking

Customize your Time Clock to request that your employees take a photo of themselves whenever they clock in and out of shifts to keep everyone honest.

Curb Lateness with Communication

Set rules and receive notifications when employees come in late or leave early. Send notifications ahead of shifts to facilitate punctuality and avoid accidental absences.


Always Know Who’s Working

Schedule better by always knowing who is currently clocked in and from where. Just as easily, see who has upcoming shifts, track absences and see whether anyone is running late.

Mobile Employee Time Clock Apps

View and manage staff time and attendance from your pocket. Allow employees to clock in from their smartphones.

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Create Online Time Clock Terminals

Set up static IP address portals as authorized locations from which team members are allowed to clock in and out of their shifts.


Confirm Locations with GPS

Use web-based GPS to confirm the exact locations from where your employees are clocking in and out. Track time and absences for remote workers with ease.

Set Rules to Guarantee Accurate Clock Times and Locations


Prohibit staff from “gaming the clock” by rounding clock times.


Require employees to clock in and out of breaks.


Enable pre-clock option to have staff confirm they are on their way.


Request GPS and photo confirmation for clocking in and out.


“I love the time clocking and scheduling features. My employees, regardless of location, can simply grab their phones to clock in and out.”

—Cody Ayers, Student & Property Manager, Wilgus Associates, Inc