Recognized in Future of Work: Human Capital Management category for Disruptive Technology Leadership

AUSTIN, TX — August 11, 2021 — TCP Software, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, was named a finalist in the 11th annual Constellation SuperNova Awards. As digital transformation evolves across industries and geographies, organizations must make greater investments in technology to remain leaders in their field. The SuperNova Awards recognize individuals and teams who are prioritizing disruptive technology and transforming their organizations with digital initiatives.

TCP Software was chosen as a finalist in the Future of Work: Human Capital Management category, which identifies organizations, teams and individuals that view the workforce as a competitive asset and applies technologies to gain competitive advantage and improve employee effectiveness.

The company was recognized for its ability to provide effective payroll and time and labor solutions for Gary Jenkins, Payroll & Personnel Officer of Jasper County Board of Education, while simplifying and streamlining processes for his team. Jasper County, located in Monticello, Georgia, serves about 450 employees, and Jenkins needed a solution to automate payroll processes.

Before 2015, all of Jasper County’s payroll processes were manually completed via paper, taking an average of four days for the payroll department to complete while taking the attention away from more business-critical issues such as executive administration and bookkeeping. Jenkins selected TCP’s TimeClock Plus solution, which is popular among K-12 customers, and has since created a more formal, automated payroll process:

    • Employees and managers run weekly punch reports and build schedules within an integrated system that provides better management of both full- and part-time staff. This is crucial for managers who are responsible for multiple locations and can’t be present at every location all the time.
    • TCP’s mobile app, which connects to the hardware system, allows principals and school administrators to pull the information and data from anywhere and gain visibility into absences and leave requests, among other data, while transportation employees can better track off-hours work, like field trips. This workflow process signals issues with hours or pay rates, so managers can address problems before they reach payroll and make exceptions immediately.

Upon implementation, the entire payroll process went from four days to two hours, allowing members of Jenkins’ team to reallocate 60% of its labor cost to more critical tasks. The software also enabled the Jasper Board of Education to move from a monthly payroll preparation to weekly, which gives payroll personnel more visibility and empowers them to catch inaccuracies more quickly. As a result, the board can comply with regulatory requirements and better serve Jasper County students and their families.

“The level of business model sophistication and deft use of disruptive technology set apart the 2021 finalists in this year’s Supernova Awards,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder of Constellation Research. “This year’s individuals, teams and organizations have shown how to work in the most extreme conditions of remote work, physical work and hybrid work. As we move towards data driven digital networks and new data value chains, the finalists have shown what’s required to take their businesses to the next level.”