Tie all aspects of workforce management together

Mobile-first and cloud-based. Built for the enterprise, large and small.


Powerful, smart schedules

Humanity enables the creation of accurate, conflict-free schedules while staying compliant with state and federal laws. Our platform allows enterprises to forecast scheduling needs and facilitate transparency through streamlined team communication across devices.


Ensure transparency across the board

To help enterprises address key workplace challenges, Humanity was built to not only support scheduling needs, but also enable large organizations to track employee attendance, curb absenteeism, and eliminate buddy clock-in.


Maximum flexibility for the workforce

With Humanity, you can allow employees to request vacation from anywhere, follow up on schedule changes, and ensure up-to-the-minute alignment between locations and teams while empowering employees to tailor the upcoming shifts to their available hours.


The year contingent workers will make up 40% of the US workforce


The annual costs per hourly worker due to absenteeism


The percentage of managers who say employees quit due to schedule conflicts


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Ensure full coverage at crucial times

Quickly create dynamic schedules with no conflicts and keep teams informed via the Humanity mobile app. Manage multiple locations, departments, skills, and roles from one robust solution.


Manage employee time and attendance

Enable employees to easily clock in and out of their shifts and breaks, track employee attendance at different locations and any device, and prevent buddy clocking and absenteeism.


Keep abreast of employee availability

Confirm and manage staff leave requests from any device. Approved time off is automatically incorporated into schedules to ensure shifts are assigned to available employees.


Create advanced scheduling forecasts

Use Humanity’s data-driven scheduling to integrate business KPIs, forecast scheduling needs, and create demand-based schedules, and ultimately increase the bottom line.


Integrate with leading HCM software

Humanity integrates seamlessly with best-in-industry HCM platforms, allowing enterprises to tie together various aspects of their human capital management efforts.


Streamline and improve finances and budgeting

Track employee hours, overtime, and costs across locations, departments, and roles. Consolidate data sets and export to accurate timesheets ready for payroll.


Can your enterprise adapt to unforeseen circumstances?

With Humanity, enterprises can create schedules around employee availability, seasonality, and sales forecasting. Create dynamic, adaptive schedules, ensure the right talent is on call, and enable real-time communication across the board.