Cloud-based scheduling for your hybrid team

Support and engage your employees no matter where they are located


Workplace dynamics are undergoing a transformation. Managers need to supervise and encourage collaboration between regular 9-to-5 staff, part-time workers, remote employees and other team members with alternative work arrangements. Humanity empowers this hybrid employment structure by ensuring no staff member feels “out of sight, out of mind.” As a mobile-first solution, Humanity provides access to information critical to everyday operations wherever the staff is located. Workers can set their availability and preferred working hours allowing managers to effortlessly assign tasks and ensure full schedule coverage for their business. Humanity is the ideal solution for managers building dynamic, cloud-based schedules, and for employees—whether they’re office-bound or remote and covering multiple locations.

The workspace ecosystem is evolving towards increased mobility.


Estimated percentage of the share of the mobile workforce in the total global workforce by 2022


The growth of US freelance workforce from 2014 to 2018, compared to 2% growth of the non-freelance workforce


The percentage of mobile workers who feel that working remotely can lead to misinterpreted communication with colleagues


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Manage the employee schedule from anywhere

With Humanity’s cloud-based platform, managers and staff can access schedules from anywhere, and at any time. The Humanity mobile app automatically notifies the entire team with published changes.


The scheduling solution that evolves with your business

Humanity is easy to set up and use on a daily basis, and it’s packed with customizations that enable supervisors to tailor the platform to the evolving needs of a hybrid organization.


Manage multiple roles and locations from a single point

Keep track of time and attendance across all business locations, export accurate reports for strategic and administrative needs, and consolidate data to help cut labor costs and optimize budgeting.


Provide fair and flexible scheduling for the whole team

Humanity empowers your team by giving them control over their working hours. Employees can set their availability, indicate preferred hours, and swap shifts without manager intervention.


Integrate with your current HCM platform

Leading a hybrid team translates to overseeing and syncing a multitude of data. Humanity and your preferred HCM system work together to tie in everything you need to know about your staff.


Foster a culture of collaboration and trust

Much of the everyday frustration in the workplace comes from poor communication. Humanity connects your team and ensures all members remain engaged, wherever they work.


Keep remote workers connected

Humanity’s intuitive interface allows managers to seamlessly create schedules that balance flexibility and business needs. They can easily track the productivity of each employee, and with remote access to all scheduling data, they need not worry about crucial operational information being left unnoticed.