Retain top talent at your enterprise with Humanity

Keep your top performers engaged and connected to the business


Ensure flexibility, increase engagement, reduce turnover

High turnover severely erodes organizational performance, affects product and service quality, and creates a combination of financial issues for organizations of all sizes: wasted training, replacement costs, and lost clients. By leveraging the power of Humanity’s acclaimed cloud-based scheduling platform you not only avoid shortfalls in organizational performance but also drive measurable, repeatable increases in sales growth while boosting workforce morale.


The number of people who quit their job each month.


The amount of an employee’s annual salary associated with turnover.


The number of employees who start looking for a different job when they start to feel disengaged from the workplace.


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Ensure workplace transparency

Boost employee engagement through open communication and by disseminating real-time information regarding staff availability and schedule alterations— on any mobile device.


Empower employees

Foster a culture of workplace ownership by enabling employees to trade shifts and assume responsibility over working hours coverage without supervisor intervention and interaction.


Foster workplace connection

Humanity ensures the entire team is onboard with the latest schedule and allows them to connect and communicate about tasks through a secure, private, real-time messaging system.


Involved employees stay. Are your employees involved too?

Curb employee disengagement across the board.

With fierce competition in the labor market, an increasing number of enterprises struggles to retain top performers onboard. Leverage your efforts with Humanity’s powerful platform and ensure employees are engaged and appreciated, in any role and at any business location.