Navigate the complexities of labor law

Compliant staff schedules created dynamically


Strategically address the ever-changing regulatory landscape

Labor laws and regulations are changing regularly. As a result, companies must change the way employee schedules are created, published, and updated. This process is necessary for the wellbeing of employees and to ensure the effective use of time and resources. Manual scheduling cannot address these changes, especially for organizations doing business on a global scale.

Humanity helps organizations in all industries break through the confusion of federal, state and local labor laws. Managers are free to fully customize schedules in-line with the rules and the needs of the business, employees can set up their availability—as well as trade and release shifts—and Humanity will help ensure compliance with the laws that govern required breaks, hours and overtime, and much more.


The percentage of workers who stated that their employer decides their work schedule


The percentage of irregular/on-call shift employees report often work-family conflicts


The percentage of hourly part-time workers report having unstable work schedules

Enterprise solution with built-in compliance

With manual scheduling, supervisors cannot keep track of regulatory changes, particularly if the organization is growing on a global scale. Humanity allows you to set custom scheduling rules and monitor conflicts, so all schedules are automatically aligned with laws in your industry and location.


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Shift to predictive scheduling

Predictive scheduling regulations might sound daunting, but with Humanity, managers can create error-free schedules while tending to conflicts and overtime, thus ensuring compliance.


Tackle overtime and undertime

Get notified about business-critical conflicts related to overtime, minimum time between shifts, and maximum number of working days. Gain insights into when employees are being underutilized and ensure teams and individuals are working most effectively.


Set up a precise reporting system

Humanity Reports are based on real-time data, so supervisors can instantly view and act on the latest information regarding time and attendance, leave, employee absence, labor costs, and much more.


Provide your staff with real flexibility

With cloud-based Humanity, employees are allowed to set up their availability and preferred working hours wherever they are, and can also trade shifts without managers’ intervention.


Effectively predict labor needs

Humanity’s Forecast ensures demand-based scheduling, so comparing data, predicting and planning upcoming labor needs is data-driven, precise and easily adjustable.


Regular monitoring and updates

The Humanity team diligently monitors the relevant changes in labor laws and employment regulations, and releases regular platform updates that ensure compliance.


Reduce the challenges that come with labor compliance

Humanity helps ensure enterprise compliance by allowing supervisors to set up custom scheduling conditions which make it virtually impossible to make mistakes and or create conflicts. Additionally, the robust reporting options ensure accurate records of time and attendance, which can be easily exported for administrative, financial and regulatory summaries.