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Humanity Key Features

Better Employee Experience

Staffing student workers means regular last minute requests for changes to schedules and availability. Humanity’s mobile application allows staff to pick up and trade shifts as well as update their availability in real time, with instant push notifications and direct communication sent to their co-workers and managers. Your valued student workforce will thank you for choosing Humanity.

Department Flexibility

Humanity understands that in higher education, an all encompassing, flexible solution for scheduling is key. That’s why the value of our product is realized by multiple departments within the nation's largest universities across Dining, Recreation, Housing, IT, Admissions and more. What was once a complicated process for scheduling across multiple complex use cases has become one quick and easy, comprehensive solution using Humanity.

Quick, Simple Scheduling

Humanity makes scheduling simple and saves you time. Copy shifts and custom templates from one week to the next, utilize budget mode to ensure you are managing costs effectively and create specific rules to automatically build schedules and dynamically fill shifts. Allow Humanity to give your schedulers valuable time back in their day through seamless HCM integrations and the latest in smart scheduling technology.

Ease the Burden for Your Schedulers & Stay Compliant

Easily create and manage fully compliant schedules with features designed to ensure Humanity does the heavy lifting. Customized rules to fit your unique requirements means less time manually managing potential conflicts with industry regulations, union agreements, labor laws or even internal policies.

With Humanity working for you, you can:

  • Seamlessly generate conflict-free schedules based on employee availability, skills, and sales trends
  • Manage last-minute scheduling changes in real-time and notify staff automatically via Humanity app, mobile or email
  • Sync relevant employee data from your HCM platform for optimized monitoring, reporting, and transparency across the organization
  • Keep compliance simple and reduce risk with scheduling rules that match your exact requirements, including those for any member of your workforce who’s under 18.

Why everyone loves Humanity! From employees to managers to executives

Cut down the scheduling process by up to 80%

Create error-free schedules from the get-go, and notify your staff automatically. Employees set their availability preferences and trade shifts on their own–without manager involvement.

Stay compliant with the latest updates in labor law

From managing overtime and undertime, to resolving overlapping shifts, to scheduling minors, Humanity ensures your organization is automatically compliant with local & federal labor laws.

Manage employees in multiple locations

Managers and supervisors can keep track of employee schedules, time and attendance records, and clock-in/clock-out for a single store or across multiple locations, quickly and easily.

Skill and certification-based scheduling

Assign custom roles, skills, and certifications to ensure the right staff is always in the right place. You’ll maintain compliance and your customers will receive the service they require.

Plan ahead with Forecast’s analytics

Humanity helps create shift schedules based on upcoming demand—whether it’s a slow season or Black Friday. Preventing over- and understaffing means more business for your business.

Power-up your existing HCM platform

Humanity has partnered and integrated with the most powerful Human Capital Management platforms so you can sync key data and leverage the systems your company is currently using.

Learn how Humanity solves employee scheduling in your industry

From healthcare and manufacturing to universities and retail, see how Humanity’s flexible, smart scheduling software will meet your needs.

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