Reliable employee scheduling for financial institutions.

Optimize shift coverage across locations and branches to meet client demands.


Looking to streamline your branch scheduling efforts?
Bank on Humanity.

To improve employee engagement and retention, banks and financial institutions need to leverage best practices in cloud-based scheduling and workforce management.


The percentage of the Gen Z workforce who want more schedule flexibility.


The percentage of CEOs forced to cancel a strategic initiative due to a lack of talent.


In years, the median tenure for Millennials & Generation Z workers (25-34).

With Humanity, you can:

  • Optimize productivity across branches and locations by reassigning available employees during forecasted downtimes
  • Ensure unparalleled client satisfaction by automatically creating schedules for all locations, and assigning employees with the required skills
  • Easily adjust existing schedules to include last-minute updates and disseminate vital information to all branches and staff via any device

Why everyone loves Humanity—from branch managers to financial advisors


Staff locations based on customer activity

Create error-free schedules based on forecasted walk-in traffic, ensure shift coverage, and optimize workforce utilization.


Improve customer experience

With skill-based scheduling, Humanity helps businesses schedule staff members who possess the right skills and helps ensure the best service for all clients.


Streamline schedule creation

Humanity’s scheduling algorithm speeds up shift creation, taking into account last-minute schedule changes, time off requests, and employee availability.


Monitor labor costs across branches

Use Humanity’s Time & Attendance tracking to easily access accurate data on branch coverage, actual hours worked, and export payroll ready timesheets.


Improve operational productivity

Optimize service by scheduling employees for more immediate tasks across branches to curb idle time and ensure all client demands are timely met.


Boost employee engagement

Allow employees to sign up for shifts that fit their availability, and trade shifts without supervisor intervention.