Forecast Your Scheduling Needs

Integrate vital business data into your scheduling process to improve your bottom line.


Free for 30 days. One-on-one demo included.



Import external KPIs into the Humanity platform to forecast future scheduling needs and create optimal, data-driven schedules for your staff.

Integrate Vital KPIs

Import point of sale metrics and a variety of other key business data easily to create schedules based on confirmed business drivers.


Visualize Data Points

See graphical representations of your scheduling needs as you schedule to ensure that you’re never over or understaffed again.

Demand Forecast Employee Scheduling

Enable demand/capacity-oriented schedule planning using key data and business drivers such as sales, store visitors, phone calls, ticket volume and more.

Predict Future Needs

Our platform’s powerful engine allows you to use leverage past insights and scheduling data to create the perfect future schedule.


Rule-Based Scheduling

Easily customize scheduling rules to maximize the efficiency of your schedule, boost productivity and save money.

Compare Forecast to Actual Data

Forecast your demand needs and then come back to compare your forecast against the actual data to fine-tune your scheduling process.


“I can’t physically be at all six of my stores all the time, but Humanity is so efficient and convenient that I can manage all my locations from literally anywhere. There are so many features available that help us in every phase of the staff management process.”

—Troy Pugeda, Operations Manager, Safeway