Employee Scheduling Apps

View and manage your work schedule from your pocket. Stay connected to your team while on the go with mobile staff scheduling apps for iPhone and Android. Request your trial today.


Staff Scheduling Apps for Managers

In today’s fast-paced business world, you can’t afford to be at your desk all day. Manage your staff from your pocket. Create schedules, fill empty shifts, communicate with employees and manage vacation requests from anywhere.


Schedule Your Staff from Anywhere

Create and publish employee shifts and schedules from anywhere. Assign the right shifts to the right people, every time.

Stay Connected to Your Workplace

Customize your dashboard to see all your most vital business data at a glance. Always know who’s at work, running late or on vacation.


Mobile Employee Scheduling Apps

Native iOS and Android staff scheduling apps put all of Humanity’s powerful employee scheduling and management features right in the palm of your hand.

Manage your staff and create or edit work shifts and schedules from anywhere. Put the schedule in your employees’ pockets to keep them connected to the workplace.

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Staff Scheduling Apps for Employees

Not everyone has a 9-to-5 desk job. View and manage your work schedule from your pocket. Request shift trades, releases and drops from your phone. Chat with coworkers safely and securely from anywhere.

Always Know When You’re Working

See the latest version of your schedule in real time, every time and easily check to see who’s working with you on any given day.


Manage Your Schedule Easily

Request shift trades and releases from your phone. View, approve or decline shift trade requests sent to you by coworkers.


Clock In & Out from Your Phone

Working remotely? Clock in and out of your shifts from your smartphone and confirm your clock locations via GPS.


Submit Vacation Requests

Send time off requests to management from anywhere. Follow the status of your requests on your dashboard.


Chat with Coworkers On the Go

Communicate and collaborate with colleagues from outside the workplace. Send direct messages to individual employees or staff groups.


Specify Your Shift Availability

Let management know when you can and can’t work shifts. Submit your availability preferences from your smartphone.

Staff Scheduling Apps for iPhone and Android

The modern workforce is an increasingly mobile one. Why expect anything less from your staff scheduling software?

Keep your team connected with native iPhone and Android staff scheduling apps for mobile workforce management.

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