Level up from Copy-Paste Rosters with Demand-Driven Scheduling

Powered by TCP’s Humanity platform, Demand-Driven Scheduling integrates key business drivers with the scheduling process, so your organization is always staffed to perfection.

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Data-Based Schedules


Match up Staffing with Demand

Rely on your historical demand data to fine-tune your schedules so they reflect the actual dynamics of your business.


Keep Labor Costs under Control

Schedule just the right number of staff members to avoid unexpected overtime and sky-high overhead costs.


Minimize Compliance Risks in Heavily Regulated Industries

Make sure your schedules are in line with federal and state labor laws to avoid regulatory mishaps.


Overcome Common Staffing Pain Points

Over- and understaffing will become a thing of the past when your schedules leverage your demand data sources.


Keep Customer Service Up to Par

With just enough staff scheduled on the site, your customers will always get outstanding support and excellent service.


Accelerate the Scheduling Process

You may be used to wasting hours and hours on tweaking schedules – not with our auto-scheduling tools.

Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself

Check out our webinar where we’ll take you through the demand-driven scheduling flow, from reviewing staffing requirements to finalizing the schedule.

How Demand-Driven Scheduling Works

Rule Builder
Second to None

Our robust rule builder uses your demand data and business policies and plugs them into the scheduling engine as straightforward staffing rules.

Resolve Staffing Gaps with the Staffing Level graph

The simple, yet comprehensive Staffing Level graph enables you to review staffing needs in real time, as you build the schedule.

Creating Optimized Schedules is a Cakewalk

Go from a blank calendar to complete schedule ready for publishing in just a few clicks with our powerful automated scheduling tools.

Ready to experience how TCP’s Humanity Scheduling can transform your rosters? Contact our team and they’ll prepare a demo based on your unique scheduling needs.

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