We are hiring, and looking for talented individuals

We believe that working better starts and ends with a happy workforce.

Work hard. Play hard. Change how shift-based employees work.

(That's us. We're changing things. It's a big dream, but we're achieving it.)

Since our founding in 2010, our corporate mission has never changed: we are compelled by a desire to improve, streamline, and simplify employee scheduling and time tracking processes for organizations large and small.


To date, we’ve been very successful. But we don’t gauge success in the same way as other companies. Sure, we’re proud of our 7,000+ customers in 185 countries, representing over 175,000 business locations. We revisit our user experience constantly—which is the primary reason why we have a 4.9-star rating on the iTunes App Store—and why users of our platform voted us as the leading provider of employee scheduling on G2 Crowd.


But what really matters to us is two-fold: customer satisfaction and our employees. And we’re serious about onboarding, benefits, and long-term satisfaction for both.

TCP Humanity Is Committed to Working Better

We take great pride in our deep commitment to customers and employees alike, and strive to create a positive work environment that encourages, supports and celebrates diversity.


We empower our customers.

We invest in our customers, internal and external, by listening, anticipating needs, and delivering high quality products and services.


We strive to innovate.

We are passionate about developing solutions that ensure both the company’s growth and personal growth.


We cultivate success.

We aim to practice accountability, improve processes, support one another and achieve excellence in all interactions, tasks and goals.


We embrace ‘One Team.’

We are a collaborative community that unites around common goals, communicates honestly, and listens with humility and respect.

We like each other a lot. No, really.

We’ve worked hard to assemble a team that thrives on collaboration, mutual respect, and accountability. Each member of our community feels valued because we embrace our differences, build each other up and take time to celebrate milestones together.