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TCP Software’s Humanity Scheduling is a top-tier employee scheduling solution used by more than 175,000 business locations to manage schedules, employee availabilities, shift trades and day-off requests, while providing real-time insight into operations and actionable data to optimize staffing. The software simplifies day-to-day employee scheduling to accelerate schedule creation by up to 80 percent and create error-free, dynamic schedules for staff by location, department, position and/or skills. In 2020, Humanity was acquired by TCP Software, a market leader in Employee Time Tracking and Scheduling solutions.

Humanity Scheduling is offered as SaaS and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution in the cloud or integrated quickly and easily with today’s leading HCM platforms and payroll solutions. Humanity simplifies day-to-day employee management processes. With Humanity, your organization can easily and accurately create error-free, dynamic schedules for your staff by location, department, position, and/or skills—with real-time availability conflict checking.

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Humanity Scheduling is now part of TCP Software, a leading provider of Employee Time Tracking & Scheduling solutions. We’re headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices globally and a large in-house, hybrid, and remote workforce. The TCP team is connected by a culture that promotes creativity, teamwork, and transparent leadership, and from the inside out, we’re empowering people to work better. Join us.

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